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Making Corsetry

Phase I

Go to local copier shop and grovel at them to make nice A3 copies of my corset pattern (LM100) pieces. Find a 'nice man' who did so with consummate skill. Run out of shop in jubilation with two copies of each piece! Huzzah!

Phase II

Identify size wanted

Not as easy as it sounds. I identified that I was indeed three different sizes in the three key places that matter. Having miraculously lost an inch here and half an inch there in the last few weeks - it was easier than it would have been. Right, so I have my three sizes and the one in the middle is considerably smaller than the other two. Hmm. Much consultation with typed hints on the pattern itself and the destructions. Oh - common sense is possible. Blend the bust (with its own gores) to the waist and then add a hip gore. Done!

I wonder why they say wait to order your boning until after you've made one that is 'you' size... < / end sarcasm... >

Phase III

Cut out pattern pieces and don't take any short cuts with marking darts etc. Write on each piece what number it is. (This is the cotton mockup for sizing purposes). Pieces = 22.

Phase IV

Do the jigsaw puzzle and pin one half of the corset pieces together (in the right order!) This is harder than you might think. For those of you familiar with the term, there is a lot of 'easing' involved as well as lining up of bits and bobs.

That's as far as I have got tonight. Tomorrow I pin the other half together and sew them up. There was a bit of guestimating in the bust gores... This is going to be a lot harder when it is twice the thickness you know... The boning scares me - I look forward to finding out how exactly I put 24 bits of steel into this thing....


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