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2012, me, manda

Making Corsetry II

Hmmm. Phase whatever….

Well the second piece was pinned and then duly repinned as I realised I was making a carbon copy of the first half instead of a reflection… Armed with two 'stays' I hit the sewing machine and spent what felt like an age faffing over lots of short seams. I am now in posession of a pair of stiff cotton, shaped pieces.

I overestimated the bust gores – must trim them down a size. The hip gores seem to stick out too much – may not need them after all or they may be better further back. Need the aid of a second pair of hands to fit this thing properly on me. Looks like on the whole I may need to make a slightly smaller version – which is nice.

Have been hunting for the bits I need for this and here, here and here seem good (esp Vena Cava). I want lacing plates and a spoon busk but I probably can't justify them…


You are a braver lass that I to make these things!

What on EARTH is a spoon busk? Isn't that something you do in Covent Garden?
For full details see here Spoon Busk. Essentially a shaped corset closing device!
When I was buying bits for mine I felt like I did when I first picked up a pattern, except this time when I asked my wealth of information and wisdom aka my mum what half the things were, she just looked at me and was as confused as I was! I half made mine and gave up. I really should get back to it soon. Good luck!
Oooh and for the next 4 weeks I can get to M&W in my lunch break if you need a second opinion on anything. They are very helpful though.
Thanks for the offer. I am picking the brains of the lady from Vena Cava at the mo. We should be go for the real thing after the next fitting session with the muslin.

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