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Making Corsetry III

First fitting of mockup. This is beyond a doubt a two person job unless you are exactly the same shape in the same places as your dressmakers dummy. I'd pinned my muslin on the dummy and it looked like it was too big but I wanted to be sure. It is. Much faffing with Bloke this morning - need to reduce the pattern by at least one size in all places - possibly two in one place. Huzzah! Also - American ladies must have even more expansive bustlines than me because the bust gores are huge! So they're going down a size or two as well. This is all most pleasing.

Am wondering whether I need to make up another mockup or not. Hip gores sit in the right place. Am now trying to guestimate what size I will be in Sept if this gentle shrinkage keeps occurring. I think I'll go for the tight lacing option so that it would be wearable now but if I shrink it won't get too loose.

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