No return and no deposit (eldelphia) wrote,
No return and no deposit

Help - Costume needed

Dear All,

Can anyone help us out with some costume bits for the weekend 19/20/21 September? What's needed is something Falkensteinian for a themed ball and Bloke has had a last minute invitation...

He are 6'2, and a 'long' in most things but if its late georgian/victorian/early edwardian stylee then it might help him out.

From this website

"The Falkenstein world is much like our own was in the Nineteenth Century, with a few exceptions. The most notable are the presence of Non-Human races. Dragons and Faerie have been (more-or-less) completely accepted into society, so it is not too odd a sight to see a Daoine Sidhe (High Faerie) walking down the street in a suit and tophat. Almost as notable is the existence of magic, which is (sort of) accepted in Falkenstein Society, though it is only practiced by Cabalistic Secret Societies (Illuminati, Golden Dawn, Free Masons, etc.).

The 'feel' of the game world is based on the novels of our own Victorian Era, including the works of Jules Verne, Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, etc. In fact, in the world of Castle Falkenstein, most of their writings are true accounts. Captain Nemo scours the Seven Seas; Holmes and Watson are solving crime in London; and Victor Frankenstein is dead, victim of his own experiments with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

Can you help? Got any suggestions which we can go with? If so please mail me or Bloke

Ta muchly - hats would help I think....anyone got hats?

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