No return and no deposit (eldelphia) wrote,
No return and no deposit

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"I'm still standing!"

Have just spent half an hour our in the sunshine which has further improved my mood. In a minute I am going to have to get back to looking up synonyms for boring statistical methods but pah! my mood is too good for that. Feeling good on my own. Have swept out a lot cobwebs and am looking forward to finding out about Bristol.
Need to spend more time in my flat to make it fit for human habitation.... but alas it will not happen this weekend. Most of the washing up is done tho' LOL!

Can't wait to pic up the photos... should be tomorrow morning!

Want to make kit for Jocelyn. I think I am going to bail out of the Blaidd Ddu on a full time basis and do just Dragon campaign events. Having too much fun atm. Now need to resolve the kit crisis!

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