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I want one of these



The poster, the helmet, or the rather poor actor wearing it?
I love the helm actually. Let's face it - he wasn't employed for his acting abilities but to scowl magnificently from beneath a wondrous helm and look magnificent in armour. Yes, I am being shallow :)
I never had you pegged as the helmet wearing type... or do you just want the sulky goitre wearing it? :-)
All of the above! Yum Yum!
Rider please. I love their armour. was very pleased to see a lot of it on display at the exhibition in the Science musem. The Riders are wonderful and the charges........ fabulous!
aaah, another admirer of the visually supportive school of acting - gorgeous costume, helmet to minimise amount of face being seen, so emphasis on the good bits (nice eyes), and a impressive beast between their legs ... what more could the discerning female or gay bloke ask for? :-)


Well I don't admire the elf although he did look dead pretty in his last scene. Viggo Mortenson does nothing for me as Aragorn. The 'thug' factor comes into this. If we're talking characters and interest - Gandalf wins hands down every time. Totty on the other hand - well the award has to go to this chap :) ! He does a fine line in scowling. The character would drive me insane!

Re: Aesthetics

This is scary to admit, as (as I am sure you know my little fishy) I am normally ... and regularly GRIN ... attracted to those of the female perusasion only.

That said, in the closing scenes, when Legoland came into Frodo's bed chamber, he did look very handsome and attractive ... perhaps it was just the culmination of the three movies hitting me, or some charismatic acting coming through, but whatever it was for a brief second I could see the appeal.

... then I remebered Liv Tyler and all was well with the World (and my sexuality LOL) again ;o)
Oooooh. His name is Karl Urban and he's from New Zealand. Unfortunately he isn't blond and doesn't normally look like a Viking. Well he's off my Christmas list. Whereas the chap who play's Legolas looks better (but different) in real life - this chappy looks too normal. Nice eyes though. I should probably stop this now. LOL! [ / shallow fish ]
Gerroff - he's mine!

As to him not looking that normally, we could dress him up?

Yum yum
Bad Fish!
Am not a bad Fish am only admiring from afar - you'd think I was ill if I hadn't noticed!!!

January 2009

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