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solar fish

Recommend to me

1. A movie.
2. A book.
3. A musical artist, song, or album.
4. An LJ user (or group) not on my friends list.
5. Something to do in the next two months.


1) 28 Days Later...

2) Anything by Christopher Brookmyre, but especially 'A big boy did it and ran away', and it's sequel 'The Sacred Art of Stealing'.

3) Le Cod Afrique, saw them last September, they have a hurdy-gurdy player.

4) Hmmm... this is a tough one, I think it'll have to be a group of them: liamp, mysstickle, and ms_lilith. All good mates of mine and all based in Moseley.

5) Even tougher, I'll have to pass on this one, my mind has gone blank.
1. Been meaning to watch that - this is just another pod in that direction .

2. Never heard of. My problem with buying books is that I know an awful lot about fantasy and sci fi authors and nothing about anyone else even tho' I enjoy all sorts of other stuff when it's recommended. Anyone who writes a book called 'Boiling a frg' has got to be worth considering!

3. Not convinced...

4. I shall read more later. Finding more peeps in brum might be a good thing.

5. LOL! hard isn't it....
Boiling a Frog is the only one I haven't read, but the rest of them are great.
1. The Cube

2. The Bridge by Iain Banks

3. Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea - PJ Harvey

4. Photographers (what else!)

5. Create something for yourself (painting, drawing, sculpture, sketch)

1. Not the predecessor of Cube II:HyperCube? Just cos there have been ads on cable a lot recently for that film. Must have been on SciFi recently... Is it any good or is it high cheese entertainment?

2. Haven't read any variant of the Banks in a few years now. Last one I read was 'Wasp Factory'. Kinda put me off. Although loads of peeps have been on and on and on about his Sci Fi stuff.

3. I have heard absolutely no P J Harvey. LOL!

4. LOL! All of my photos tend to be live roleplay related. Either that or personal stuff. D'ya think they'd let me in ;0) ?

5. I've bought some bits and pieces to do something like that. Maybe I should get round to it. A very, very long time ago I used to be able to paint. But I haven't done anything for a long time. Also considering getting back into music again.

Ta muchly

I suppose I should give them a go again. A lot of people have said the same thing and being a contrary Fish I got kinda fed up with hearing how wonderful he is.... but I always need something to read, no matter how many books I have on the go at once.
1) The Cube is the predecessor to Cube II (which I've not seen). The Cube is a very good low budget sci-fi, with excellent acting and characters and plot. Get it on rent from a vid shop for £1.99/99p or catch it in the £4.99 bucket in HMV/Virgin.

2) The bridge is a very thoughtful and strange book. It's journey of discovery book and even though there are a few gross scene (the pig, boudoir and HMG scene comes to mind for those who have read it). It is a very eerie read. If you prefer something a bit more run of the mill try his Whit or The Business. His Sci-fi is amazing though (under the name Iain M Banks).

4) Have a look around. Wait until you take a photo you click with then post it.

Good luck!

1. Kind Hearts & Coronets
2. House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski
3. They might be giants
4. Hmmmmmmmmmm
5. Cross Stitch!
I am not regressing 20 years to sit and cross stitch! I don't have the patience!

On another note - you're alive then ? :)
Oh yes. Thanks for neopet sitting. Got back here but didn't get my computer back until saturday, so glad to see it.

How are you my dear, what have you been up to?

Oh you can't beat cross stitch. Doing a hedgehog at the mo.
1. Last of the Dog Men.
2. Milieu Series (more than one book, I am cheating) - Julian May.
3. Vaughn - Fearless (especially the track 'When you walk away').
4. ... I have no idea :o)
5. Have a Shiatsu massage
1. Is definitely on my list...

2. *yawn* Been there... done that.... you'll have to do better this time girliemage!

3. Not that you're obsessed... okies - will listen as you & the paisley got me into Tyketto.

4. You're not being very helpful are you Jaymes?

5. Aren't they supposed to hurt? I suppose some would consider that a benefit but... nah seriously - is it a) painful and b) expensive? Professional massage in my past has been v pleasant.

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