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The oddest things turn up in my inbox... email to webmaster@eldelphia.com
Arthurian wotnot...

'Music on Stage' present 'PENDRAGON'. The dramatic musical based on the life of the young King Arthur and set in the Dark Ages. An innovative and exciting interpretation of the story of Arthur placed, if there is substance to the legend, in the period in which historians believe he correctly belongs.

Wednesday 18 to Saturday 21 February 2004 at 7.30pm
Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm

Tickets £5 adults and £3 children

The Dovehouse Theatre
Langley Arts Centre
Kineton Green Road
West Midlands

Tickets available from Kate. 0121 449 9030 / 07887 947226

Would be most grateful if you would publicise this. Thank you


Aha. You have just provided an answer to something which was On My List. Will tell you on MSN

yukyukyuk :-)
Now you're worrying me....


Don't worry, you may have just inadvertantly spelt the doom for most of southern England...

I refer you to pax_draconis' journal.
Well - it's only just down the road - will you be going? ;-)
Whether or not she does, I'm probably up for going if you are.
It could be worse than th tragic-comedy of Macbeth.
Macbeth was so bad it was good in a sort of B Movie style. If I had my time again I think I'd still go and see it.

You're right though - this could be similar.
I like the idea - not that's prolly not right - I'm curious. I have to say I wasn't sure whether it was some arcane windup...
this site has some details fo the show
Url is't working for me :(
Works for me. Site says it was a hit at Edinburgh, which can't be a bad thing - unless there is a "horror/comedy" section to the fringe festival of which I wasn't aware. :-)

From the email archives... she said she's NOT a nutter....

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Ravenstar () on Monday, May 28, 2001 at 20:14:55

e-mail: <deleted>@hotmail.com

The_Topic: 2nd time of asking

Feedback: I see that my initial, polite request has been ignored. This is my second request, then, that you acknowledge my existence. On the slim chance that you did not receive my first feedback submission, I will reiterate. I am not a gamer. I am not a wacko. This is not a joke. I am THE REAL Guardian of the Seven Swords of Albion. All I ask is that you acknowledge me on your website.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, I look forward to your reply.

The third time of asking will not be so polite.


The Lady Ravenstar of the Moonlit Meadow,
Priestess of the Temple of Avalon,
and Guardian of the Seven Swords of Albion,
in the Circle of Eilddachan.

Re: From the email archives... she said she's NOT a nutter....

What was the upshot? Was there a third time of asking? Did she threaten to curse you with the power of Avalon, or did you dissect her patent absurdity with knives and vitriol (wrapped in reasonableness)?

Re: From the email archives... she said she's NOT a nutter....

sob, I believe, sent back a soothing response.

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