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solar fish

A discussion at Belmont Road...

pennyanne and I are discussing a recent party topic and we would be interested to know how you would respond...

If you could look like anybody famous of the same sex - who would it be?

pennyanne reckons she'd like to look like Natalie Imbruglia and if then Christina Ricci... (comments from pauln in the background...)

Some of you have answered this already no doubt, but humour us and reply below!


Isabelle Adjani.
Or possibly Michelle Yeoh.
All the lads there decided that we would all be Sean Connery. We didn't hear any complaints.

Re: *ahem*

No you were also assigned to Mr Connery (regardless of your feelings on this matter)
I think I would like to be Catherine Zeta Jones. The Grace Kelly of our generation... Although I am not sure that Damo would agree, he likes Pammy and Christina Aguilara!
When I used to wear big round glasses, I often got told I looked like Julia Swahalia although I think I'd like to look like Cat Deely!!


Miss Sawalhia has the advantage of being both beautiful and 'interesting' to look at whereas to my mind, Miss Deeley seems to have come off the same production line as a whole slew of TV presenters in revealing tops.

This production line.

Where is it?

Re: This production line.

A former collective farm in the Ukraine, same place they churn out perky weather girls and orange coloured scouse harridens who complain about the absence of chips when on holiday abroad.

I think I've decided now.

Tis either Brigitte BArdot or Sophia Loren. Heavy lidded pouty babes of doom!
Mark Dacoscas from the Crow series and the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf as he looks in thsoe two ... ie the physicality, fitness and hair :)


You can't. Cos then I'd have to fancy you and that would break me LOL!

January 2009

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