July 3rd, 2002



Live roleplaying is taking over my life…. If I could count the mails per hour that have been generated by the latest interest in a new game called Grand Design… I’m sure the number would be ludicrous. Its not that I’m not disinterested its just that I have a lot of people calling me and frothing at me about the Lorien Trust stuff, NWO and Real Life ™. Where does everyone get the cash to do this?! LOL!

I’m really interested in Greenwood Legends and to be honest if it comes down to it – that’s where I’d rather be in September. We’ll see. I have to fork out for glasses/lenses and I may be moving. Also I need to make kit for the Gathering.

It would be nice to sit down with peeps and talk about books, film, music… y’know – stuff!

Saturation point has obviously been reached for me this week! LOL!

Well another one of my friends moping last night – I did what I could – I hate being the purveyor of bad news….
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Food on the Hill

Yum! R has just bought me a lovely dinner at a place round the corner. And yay I am happy and stuffed! LOL! Its amazing what a decent meal and good conversation can do for a girl :)
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