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solar fish

*giggle* Dodgy rocker

Axl Rose SeXy
You are Axl Rose. You are the original bad boy.
Rules? Pfff - what the hell are those? Rules
are made to keep losers in line! You are much
to bad to follow rules. You are also
chronically late for any and every function -
work, school, concerts, etc. You joke that
you'll be late to your own funeral (get it,
late? hee hee) You are too cool to be bothered
with anything so trivial as time, you run on
Axl time and all that know you either have to
accept or "Why don't you just F#@k
off!!!" You have your own style that is
uniquely you - you look cool wearing anything
from leather pants to kilts. You are very
spiritual, contemplative, and reflective. You
try to pour all of your emotions into your
writing or other artistic endeavors, but
occassionally you let your temper loose on
others. But you don't mean to be such a bad
boy, you act out as a result of an unhappy or
abusive childhood. And besides, you really like
being lewd, rude and tattoed!

What 80's Butt Rocker Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


I think that I prefer being me:

Sebastian Bach
You are Sebastian Bach, former frontman of Skid
Row. You have an almost angelic beauty about
you, but your angelic persona quickly
disappears as soon as you open your mouth - you
curse like a sailor! You have a reputation for
being a bad boy, but its just because you are
highly opinionated and fiercely protective of
your friends, family and loved ones, so you'll
take it to blows to defend any of the above.
While most people view you as a raging party
animal, you are actually quite intelligent and
enjoy engaging in intellectual and
philosophical conversation with just about
anyone who can keep up with you. Argumentation
and debate are your strong points, you can
argue any point you believe in to the death,
and you always have to have the last word. You
generate a lot of respect with your attempts to
bring light to issues you feel strongly about
through, through song or other creative
outlets, however you'd generate even more
respect if you learned to bite your tongue and
curb that wicked temper once in a while!

What 80's Butt Rocker Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Nah, I got Axl too, and it's the best one :)
I was about to say I prefer you too - but I think I mean I prefer Mr Bach. But then I realised I answered the clothing costume about the kilts and should have seen it coming. Mr Bach and Mr Cornell made my early adult years things of great wonder... *girlie sigh*

January 2009

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