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Digital Camera II

Right! Spoken to Amazon, then Bloke had to speak to Amazon as he's the one that placed the order. Seems after a discussion from them that we can return the camera to them and they can hassle Canon with the burden of a faulty return. Probably should have done this straight away but apparantly you should contact the manufacturer first and we have 'done the right thing'.

Rang the repairers who were more than happy to return the camera to me asap. I'm betting that it turns up pdq because it's 'not their problem' then. Of course it may well go missing but I have the original special delivery slip - so they will pay.

Seems Amazon no longer stock the Powershot A70. Am hoping for a full refund because the Powershot A80 is £10 less and higher spec. If not then should be able to persuade them to send us a Powershot A80 anyway rather than Powershot A75 which is currently about £165 (£55 less) and comparatively not as good a deal.

The theory is that the faulty camera is disposed of and I get a brand spanking new one. Having been without for a month already during a photographically busy time I feel justified in being mercenary. I didn't have the camera for the Heartlad Games, pauln's wedding and won't have it for the next Moot. The Games was actually the worst because it was there I discovered the fault and had no chance to dig out my analogue. Also I should point out that the digital is a higher spec than the analogue I have and does much more useful things.

Am hoping to have a digital for the Tribal Gathering and Mark & Jen's wedding. Even if the return takes a while to process we should be able to sort the refund out asap as long as we have proof of posting. If the camera doesn't make an appearance within 30 days - they simply charge your card with the cost of the replacement.

Here's hoping that there are no further glitches. I should imagine there will be - but I have all the paperwork so hopefully I am win.

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