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I am coming round to the opinion that everyone I have ever met is on here somewhere. Or knows someone that is. It's most strange...


1) If you know me - or think you know me - where did we meet and how do you know me?
2) If you know someone on here that I knew once (especially in Cardiff) can you please enlighten me cos I keep bumping into peeps that sound like peeps I may have known ..

If you see what I mean

Fish the confused


We met through LRP and I got to know you while giving you lifts to and from events via Colchester!


We met on blather, m'dear. We have rarely seen each other face to face. But I know you're ticklish.

I can't help with Cardiffians, but I've a half dozen used Bangorites I'll sell you!

Re: Fish-meeting

*grin* I think I've met one or two. it would be really nice to actually meet you face-to-face - and not IC!
We first met in Liverpool Street Station, right next to the underground entrance, on a monday morning. I know you as for some time we used to go out, but only after many hours of conversations and emails.
I always think of having met you on ICQ - funny isn't it :)
I think we first met at NWO, but I have a vague recollection of recognising you there, but have no idea where that would have been from!
Hmmm. am trying to think now. Must have been Thebes I think but I had the same thing. Possibly years of bimbling around in the same fields?
Sorry, who are you again???
No idea. Just some Fish :p
If you are who I think you are then I kinda knew you - you were friends with my mate Kye (or clovenhoof as he's known on here) when you lived in Cardiff.

January 2009

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