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Help needed

I know an awful lot of people who make LRP costume & kit. If you could recommend someone for the following - who would it be? Individuals rather than companies... Doesn't matter what system etc

1) Clothing
2) Make up
3) Prosthetics
4) Armour (any)
5) weapons
6) Masks
7) Shoes
8) Pouches etc

When I think of good makeup jobs, I always think of Tansy. It's peeps like that - that jump to mind for making good kit.


1. Anne, but I tend to make my own. Simplicity patterns are a must!
2. Tansy, Sarah or Luggs
3. Rich Len or Big Rich or Tansy
4. Personally I'd go for Dark Blade, but that's cos Tim's a mate and I like his stuff. It really depends on the style of character...
5. I don't really do weapons. I redistribute lost property...
6. Rich Len
7. Hmm. After several ankle incidents I always wear sturdy walking boots
8. I mostly make my own, but I guess Tim does a lot of nice stuff. He's got great IC pocket watches at the moment.
1)As if by Magic
2) Tansy, Helen, Kelly
3) Tansy, Rich, Big Rich
4) Depends what you want Chainmail Get dressed for battle or anceint battlecrafts, beast kin armour me :-), plain leather Darkblade.
5) Weapons Tallows or Nick Kapalo
6) The Guru who else, if Guru unavailable John Peck or Rich and Rich
7) Combat boots or fig boots
8) Tim
As if by magic or Abi Fisher (wiserabbit/ Kelly West zephyrus23
Neil Hughes (www.boogiemangames.co.uk)
Neil Hughes
Karen Reay Davies (littleonions for hardened leather.
Tallows, Kapalo a Kovacs or LocZero
Kelly West, Abi Fisher
dunno - oxfam :P
Darkblade or any of the other leatherworkers who make a packet out of other people's laziness :)
Oh! Ta! More good suggestions :)

January 2009

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