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Meme LOL!

How Will Your Friends Die? by arshus_ney
Will Choke On A Peachs0b
Will Be Murdered By A Psychoharryh
Will Be Eaten By Clownsbaldrick
Will Die In The Throes Of Passionkneeshooter
Will Be Abducted By Aliensdelvy
Will Suffocate In A Corsetcurlwomble
Will Be Smushed In A Trash Compactorcaddyman
Will Be Burned As A Witchwyzziwig
Will Be Slain By Their Loverbinidj
Will Be "Hit" By The Mafiajfs
Will Discover Immortalitygriff_wolf
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See I knew that I was your favourite, you have me protected deep in your bosom don't you, safe from harm? :o)

GRIN ... then again asphyxiation is still a possibility ;o)
LOL! I think Jfs being 'hit' by the mafia is likely - he's a threat.
Womble being suffocated in a corset is just as likely you know ... allegedly ;o)
Well if he will try and dive into them...
Without any breathing apperatus ... or flippers!!!!!
I originally misread that as breasting apparatus!!!
ROFLMAO! Thank you I can't stop laughing!
Well that is not so much Freudian as it is most apt :o)
Less than it used to be, with the new slim-line 'Manda
I recall being told at one time that it is feasible to drown in only a few inches of water, perhaps even a puddle's depth.

Therefore if we take that analogy a step further 'Manda's attributes would still be more akin to a lake than a puddle ;o)

DISCLAIMER: That is meant as both complimentary and in an effort to cheer up!
Not my corset but corsets in general :p

I was trying to be nice to curlwomble! Bad Jaymes :p
Cheered up yet? :o)
No. LOL!
Well you are laughing more, and that has to be helping.

If the idea of Womble in a corset and conversations likening your breasts to lakes are not working I will have to try even HARDER to make you laugh ... will LJ and your sanity survive that though? :D
LOL! I wouldn't go that far - but at least I am reducing!

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