No return and no deposit (eldelphia) wrote,
No return and no deposit

Interesting LRP Event... not LT related ;)

Hmm... I am sad, just booked to be a cast member for this Voice of the Seraph and am dead excited lol!

"A Pulp Adventure
It's 1937. A number of notables from around Europe are invited to the unveiling of a major archaeological find by the famed Professor Otto Schrecklich at a hunting lodge on the estates of his sponsor, Count Lanz von Liebenfels. There Professor Schrecklich promises news of a discovery to rival the Tomb of Tutankhamen or the Rosetta Stone; and Count von Liebenfels promises the finest hospitality on the continent.
What happens on that estate leads to one of the most amazing journeys in the history of... well... history, as the dashing Captain Dick Britton and his comrades are called upon to defeat one of the most nefarious evils known to man in an adventure that spans continents."

12th-14th August :) IanT wildwinter and Damo (amongst others) are up to their necks in this - which means we're all in trouble! Ohhh and one other thing to note ONLINE BOOKING & PAYMENT available!

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