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Nearly the weekend...

And hurrah for that! I am so sleeeeeepy! All I need is the kind of night's sleep where you wake up when you want to... and not when your mobile phone yells at you to wake up.

I think I can honestly say I have done enough 'community service' this week... phonecalls, online chats etc etc.

Looking forward to the weekend - costume to make, and time around the house to catch up with things. I will drum up enthusiasm for more live roleplay, I will, I will!

Looking forward to NWO but am terrified I'll muck things up and ruin it for other peeps!

Have to go to Glasgow in a week or so - wouldn't mind - its a nice place - except that I won't get a chance to spend time in Glasgow and the flights mean a very late return...

And who wants to talk about bloody metadata anyway!

Today's reccomendation... meet a well paid wench to buy a house with! LOL! I tried that....

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