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What a day...

Right nearly time to collapse into the weekend. Am about to go home. Oh boy - what has been thrown at me today! Some people don't get the hint do they! Had a very long and tactful conversation on MSN which seemed to stem from half misreported comments and insecurity. Hopefully all is resolved but to be frank as long as life continues peacefully - I don't care.

How many different conversations about LRP are peeps having atm?! Its madness. event season froth is HIGH this week!.

Home to whatever I can be bothered to cook and a weekend of byzantine ish dress making.
Fingers crossed - I've left a message about a sewing machine - its free to a good home!
Mine is ok, but hasn't much in the way of functionality - well ok it goes forwards and backwards!

Tired, tired tired and looking forward to a weekend off! Away from bloody subject keywords!

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