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I have just had a lovely weekend and I'm somewhat overjoyed that I can say this. On Friday poor Baggy was frazzled with car bashidj and so we postponed some stuff til Saturday. I picked Cat up from the station at 11 and honestly the whole day could not have gone better.

Cat is a good person to have around – everyone needs one. Met up with Baggy at the hall and we done have fun putting up pictures and stuff. The nice lady turned up with the balloons and all the booze did verily arrive on time. A raid on Kings Heath high street for things we turned out mostly not to need resulted in three ladies toasting each other over an individual cranberry truffle each from Thorntons.

Then there was faffidj Chez moi and finally we went out to play. The very nice man from the catererers turned up on the dot… He then proceed to set it *all* out and negated out need for tablecloths etc etc and did a fab job. There was a sea of food. Elle was minister in charge of cocktails and Anne brought in the wonder that was the Coven cake.

With the arrival of the music and suddenly some guests we went from prep to party and it was a joy. I was truly a happy girl on Saturday for the first time in ages. I really enjoyed the whole day. In fact the whole weekend.

I hope everyone had as good a time as me cos it was lovely to see peeps! Baggy is a good person for Fishes to team up with – we both did our bit and it seem to all come together well!

Huge thank you for all the help – from phonecalls, emails, physically being there, truffles, msn, music, entertainment, decorations, photos and turning up.


It was all absolutely wonderful - and can I just say that you looked totally radiant! Yes you did.
You were fabulous hun!
So were you!

Fishes and Cats and Elles are all wonderful people for Baggy to work with.
So.. when are we going to do something scary? Like take over or something? Maybe now when oz is bedridden? Then she won't notice...
You did a wounderfull job.
And how's your new toy?
<3 it very much.. loved it, hugged it and um called it George...

My new Ipod shuffle :D
I'm glad it all went well :)
*grin* I'm very glad you think I am good to have around!
I had a wonderful time with you, the sorting out stuff team was good to be around too! We absolutly must do it more often! Get together that is not throw parties for Roz and Simon!!! lol!
I'm sure I posted a comment here this morning. Oh well.

*Round of applause* Thanks for your part in organising a great party. After I got over the stress of meeting new people, I really enjoyed myself :-)

January 2009

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