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Plan Please

I'm not doing very well at real life so I'd like a plan please. Or at least suggestions. I'm really not happy drifting and have been life avoidant for long enough. I should point out that LRP is not currently the best way to inspire me. Foreign travel, suggestions on new hobbies and locations might be.

Thoughts on a postcard... not entirely serious... might help tho!

Oh and I need some new icons. Suggestions for sources and offers of help welcome. Something quirky would be nice. Anyone up to design me a wool demon icon? I hate socks and refer to them as wool demons...


I started thinking about holidays over the weekend. You know none lrp stuff to do for me to enjoy on my own & not to expensive.

I ended up looking at cooking holidays. Mostly weekend breaks or one day events in the uk.

So it's a good way to try a new hobby, do an activity weekend, if you like it there's your hobby if you don't try something else. You could do: a cooking course, art course, now you can drive how about an off roading weekend, a indian head massage course or something more physical like climbing or caving.

Or of course there's always just going to visit people. You're more than welcome anytime down here.
I'd like to go on holiday. I'm thinking about going to Cape Cod. Or somewhere in the North East US. Or something. I really want to go exploring.

Where is Yellowstone?

That would be Montana

a few random suggestions

Learn sign language and go help out at a social centre for the Deaf (one of the people I work with does this in thier spare time)
Become and inventor, invent something really useful that solves world debt/famine/spots, travel the world telling everone about it.
Take up Tai Chi, really good for meditation and breating.
Redefine your music/book tastes and go for something completly unusual that you would not normally pick up.
Go to Berwick or stand on the castle walls at York. One of the people who looks after the castle walls is an autistic lad with an amazing memory for dates/days etc.
Walk along Hadrians Wall and wonder if it was really planned to be a huge indoor toilet as suggested in Chelmsford 1-2-3
Take up animation as a hobby, little flick books to computer wizardry.

Re: a few random suggestions

"Go to Berwick or stand on the castle walls at York. "

Done this :)

Would like to go to Hadrian's wall tho.

Inspiring stuff to do

Volunteer to be either a special constable or a special ambulance man (yes they have volunteer people who drive in car and get there before ambulance with defibrillator and stuff). Husbands of people at work do both of these - very impressive.
Personally I get enough stress in daily life.

Or, go on walking holiday. Find whole days dedicated to walking are
a. cheap
b. you sleep very well
c. give you vast amounts of head time to sort your life out
d. do not require you to be particularly fit
e. can involve going abroad - eg walk inca trail

Hugs anyway

January 2009

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