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Brummies - swimming

Anyone used the Tiverton pool and/or interested in adult lane swimming? Might potter along one night and have a go. I love swimming and I am terminally unfit right now...


8 or 8:30 til 9:30 every weekday night they do it


I'd be up for swimming. What night wereyou thinking of?
That would be really nice. even if we go once to this place and decide it's awful :) Sometime next week, day I am flexible on altho tues/weds sounds good. I can provide tea/coffee afterwards if desired!
I can do either Tue next week. What time were you thinking of?
Let's go tuesday :) lane swimming is 20:30 - 21:30. If we aim for half 8 and do 30 mins or more I'll be pleased :) Mail me on eldelphia at yahoo dot com and we can sort the rest
will do. :)
I lost you last night. I came out of the pool and could not find you anywhere. Sorry. I presume you had to rush off home. Lovely seeing you again. We should go swimming more often. :) HUGS.
I LOVE swimming :o( But I think you maybe a tad too far away for me to join you! I'm stuck being miles away form a pool and no-one who lives with me likes going swimming! :o( SO I never get to go - unless I go visit Janet in Manchester!! - I'll bring my cossie next time I come see you too!!!
I would love to go swimming with you - pity we're a gazillion miles apart.
I know the baths well. Changing cubicles on the sides of the pool, and showers also. These things I do not like about it. But it has always been reasonably clean, quiet and the staff have always been friendly when I have been there.

I like to swim, may well join you sometime if cool?
Would love you to. We're going along on tuesday to see what it's like :) Give me a call if you're free. If not then we will conspire later

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