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Long sleepy saturday

Well having been up half the night on Sigil, I finally crawled out of my bed today just before 2pm! That hasn't happened to me in a long time. I knew I was tired but...
Its been a thoughtful week. I realise how easily I can spend money - trying to stick to my budget is hard!!! Not helped of course by wanting to create beautiful things for the NWO Thebes event. I indulged somewhat in a small piece of fabric for my headdress which I should not have bought - but it is glorious!

I read a beautiful book on thursday night - was the first time in ages that I have done that... opened it at 10 and ploughed on until I'd finished. Its by Mary Stewart who I know has written all sorts of things. Found it in a charity shop. It was dead soppy and had a touch of magic about it. A book of another age.

Ended up being drawn into the tennis (briefly) still haven't found out who won the women's final! What I am ashamed to say was that I got drawn into 'Look who's talking too' and ended up all tearful at the end. I need to get out more! Too many thoughts about heroes :)

Wandered into town, found my glorious fabric and some gold trim, bought nothing more exciting than tiramasu from M&S and came home!

Just watched 'Tomb Raider' - have acted as Advice line for Final Fantasy Fanatics in Newport and am about to scoff smelly food. Cor - a girl's life doesn't get that much more exciting...

I guess there's a part of me that has never grown past the love of a good hero - real or fantasy. I'm not the Knight in Shining armour type but I guess I love hulking brutes with their own sense of honour and more courage than sense. And individualists. I have a thing for those.
Mayhap its time for a round of 'Last of the Mohicans', 'Braveheart', 'Rob Roy', '13th Warrior' and the 'Magnificent Seven'.. If some asked me which character out of any book I would love to be with I would probably have to say Nevyn...maybe Gandalf but probably Nevyn. If you haven't read Katharine Kerr's Daggerspell books then I suggest you give them a go. One of the greatest gifts any has ever given me, telling me about those books...

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