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Your mamma told you that you're no supposed to speak to strangers....

Happy blonde!

*grin* There is no rhyme or reason as to why but I am : )
Looking forward to the weekend, am running out of cash too quickly (who isn’t) but should make it through the month!

Found a good job to apply for in Bristol! And I’d actually want to do it! Emailed some friends in the area to find out what they’re up to and am looking forward to going down there and visiting. It seems weird – I’ve been trying to get there for so long and now its actually going to happen! If its not this job then it’ll be one soon.

Listening to loads of cheesy rock, my stomach has stopped hurting and life is fun.
Its even stopped raining here in Colchester!

Bit miffed – my sis has passed her driving test and I haven’t even started but heh – is the way of things. At this rate I may actually start to learn in the autumn!

Now if I could figure out how to make my hair behave for NWO and how to attach a veil to it then my life would be complete! OK, so maybe that’s stretching it but it would help LOL!

I need to go out to play – in desparate need of a mosh LOL!

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