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Flat Clearout - must collect from Cardiff, could deliver with help if necessary and close

Please let me know ASAP if you want any of this stuff or I'll freecyle it.


Two large plastic tubs with a selection of material in. Great for larp costumes, some fur and leather included. Please come and take them away. I’m keeping my leather carving kit as I really enjoyed it but that’s about it.


Fairly solid, double, pine futon with mattress. Completely free, just need it gone asap. Mum has given me a small Ikea table and two chairs which I’d like to set up in the dining area and the futon is too big for my space.

I also have a small fridge which I never use but was pilfered because I thought I was going to need it. Prolly about 5 years old. Let me know if you’re interested.


This is all in the spirit of a damn good clearout and some minor discardia. I’ve been going through boxes of crap that I had previously just dumped and I have gotten rid of 2-3 bin bags and 5-6 recyling bags worth of junk already. I need more to go. Some is going to charity shops, some is just old rubbish.



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