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Lots of thoughts about time

Thinking about the state you get to when you're falling asleep.I'm more thinking about the loss of an awareness of the passing of time.

Some peeps reckon we impose space and time on the world. I used to understand Kant on Time & Space. I liked Kant (eventually) - he made sense to me. Need to find out who's written recent philosophy on time. This looks fun

Wondering about the state you get into when you appear to stop being aware of time passing eg when you're daydreaming or falling asleep or just concentrating hard.

Quotations I like

" If it (time) were circular, then Homer might write his Iliad and Odyssey epics in the future, a possibility that appealed to the ancient Stoic philosophers."

"In the literature in both physics and philosophy, descriptions of the big bang often assume that a first event is also a first instant of time and that spacetime did not exist outside the big bang. This intimate linking of a first event with a first time is a philosophical move, not something demanded by the science. It is not even clear that it's correct to call the big bang an event. "

"A theory of time should address the question of time's apparent direction."

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