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In the beginning


Right, have set this bl**dy thing up (whilst, I add, I should be packing for the Moot!)
Just stuffed my face with Hawaiian pizza, something I have not done for too long! And prolly won't do again for a while as after this weekend I guess its back on the healthy lifestyle again!

In process of writing this, a small paw attempted to break in and swipe a slice of pizza... was doing quite well until I heard a suspicious noise!! Cats!

Feeling much better about life, I get paid tomorrow and a long chat last night really helped me put my mind to rest about some other things. Looking forward to travelling up to the Moot with S & T tomorrow - should be a laugh. Bit nervous about spending this weekend in the Harts, although peeps have made me very welcome. Just me I guess :)

Right should go and stick things in the washing machine...

Things I am worried about:

Getting stuck here for even longer by myself!
Not coping with peeps at the moot!
Money hassles overwhelming me...
That the paranoia I feel when stressed stops me from asking peeps for help!

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