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I watched the second part of Lord of the Rings last night. I think I’m still reeling. It wasn’t a perfect adaptation of the book, faithfully following every twist and turn but it was probably as good as you are ever going to get. It is even better than the first section but perhaps that’s because the plot of the books gets more intense. There is no discernible change in quality. I almost cried in relief when parts of the film were lightened with humour. It would have been too much otherwise. There is only one really silly bit in it and it didn’t ruin it for me…

a snowboarding Legolas on a shield!

This one didn’t reduce me to waterworks in quite the same way as the first film. The two bits that did bring tears to my eyes were

Aragorn, Legolas & Gimli finding Gandalf and

The March of the Ents

The melancholy, the distance from the other races, the fading of something so wonderful and the scary power and momentum of a normally unaffected race. That came across. The Ents have always been a source of fascination for me and I could have watched an hour more of them alone but I could see the necessity of cutting that extended section! I was disappointed in one way – the attack upon Saruman’s tower (Orthanc?) whislt powerfully done did not include the trees. I wanted to see that done well. Fangorn aside from being Treebeard is more than the Ents and the tree shepherds whilst fab did not rouse the trees. The freeing of the river was fantastic.

I guess I am greedy – everyone has their favourite moments.

The Rohirrim were fantastic! And I so want to be there, live that and just exist in that place. I are a muppet – but heh.

I could waffle on for hours but I won’t tisn’t fair on those of you who haven’t seen it yet and it would be a selfish indulgence LOL!

So where has the hiraedd come from?

From two places. One the overwhelming desire to take a place in that other world. To be there when your choices and actions really matter. Just to be there. I have always felt that way – the books can reduce me to tears even now after endless re-readings. The only other books that have pulled me in the same way are the Deverry series by Katharine Kerr.

The other place. Well that’s a person. Someone who has always meant an awful lot to me.
A friend who was once something more. I came out of the cinema and more than anything in the world I wanted to talk to him about the film. I wanted to enthuse and share. He & I could talk and cry and share all of it. I miss him so much. He’s not dead, but some pretty harsh choices were made and I don’t see him anymore. Tis funny really – hadn’t thought about him in a long time! So I guess the film reopened a door and for a few days thoughts of an eccentric welsh bloke will occasionally poke at old wounds. A man who opened doors for me and allowed me to leave behind other’s expecations and fly with my own soul.

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