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Hmm, its 1013 and I think I am finally achieving consciousness. I very nearly said sod it and went back to sleep this morning. At 0705 I got out of bed, 15 mins before I was due to leave the house. I managed it. Grabbed a scone on the way out and hotfooted it down the hill to the bus stop. Slapped my makeup on in transit - to the amusement of fellow passengers (still haven't put my lenses in!) and am sat in front of a PC painfully aware of my sleep shortfall.

My colleague is not in again today, so I am left to juggle a variety of digital video related dissemination outputs. No, it doesn't mean much to me either.

I wanted to ask peeps here what they thought about vampires? Not in they are they a 'good thing' or a 'bad thing' but what the fascination is for some people. Even in terms of films and roleplay games I've never really felt an interest. In terms of roleplay the only thing I saw in that vampire game is the huge potential for political manoeuvring and as that simply isn't my game it interests me not. And why do you have to be a vampire to do it? I'm kinda serious… am very interested. The only way in which vampires have been presented as interesting to me is in the initial Necroscope books. Not all the later bollocks which starts to get ludicrous… I was far more interested in the ESP side of things. Magic interests me, ESP interests me, immortality interests me but vampires no.

So what is it?


"When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you." - Nietsche.

Beyond the sex and blood thing, it's that simple. One step removed from humanity, struggling to be human. But with the perfect excuse. A vampire can slip and fall, and still struggle for humanity, because we know that vampires are monsters. We expect them to fall now and again.

A human slips and falls and they become a monster. No redemption. No romance. Just plain dirty. Someone you trust breaks that trust and they're never forgiven, no matter how much you might want to. You always guard against the same in the future.

We expect no better from the monsters, so we can be more understanding. We're all fascinated by "acceptable" and "expected" deviance.

"You are what you eat." Vampires are the most human monsters of all.

January 2009

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