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The weekend

Right well I've been away and its been fun. I made the right decision to go... it wasn't stressful personally. In fact it was very good. I wasn't upset by the presence of one person or the absence of others.
Bit worried about Matt - but conversations with him made me think about my life and how I was actually doing ok.

I don’t mean that in a bad way – he’s doing ok but in a ‘actually – those things don’t bother me – guess I’m lucky’ kinda way. Felt much happier for having gone to the event with T and S – they made me laugh so much and cos they’re not so far away – made me feel like I had the beginnings of a local community. Of course this happens as I am looking to leave but I hope I can have a laugh with them and they with me over the summer!

Got there later than I wanted – but it didn’t really matter. Was very happy to acquire a decent pair of boots in exchange for some suede! Live roleplayers are funny people :)

Spent a lot of time with the lads in the ‘Company’ – they’re a great bunch and were very patient with lurkers.

Saw some of my Dragon friends – including D. Am worried about him. Not going to go into it here but all is not right for him. Good to hug him. I really miss him sometimes. We used to be involved IC and that meant a lot of time to OOC talk about life, the universe and everything!

Been thinking about that friendship a lot and the nature of roleplaying. He is really a person I got to know through a character. I got to know the real bloke afterwards. People take particular aspects of their personalities and exaggerate or focus on them when thinking about how a character behaves/feels.acts. I always felt there was a really deep connection between us cos I knew his character so well. Time has shown I was right. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of other things to learn but it was kind nice to realise… I will always feel there is a bond between us forged in the campaigns of Erin and Cymrija!

Jobhunting is looking up, well two jobs to apply for anyhow :) That’s better than last week!

Y'know, today I just feel happy. And that is so weird to realise. I haven't felt happy in ages.

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