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1) Do you have a single predominant "hero"?

No. Many people have influenced my life but no one strikes me as a particular “hero”.

2) Who, and why?

3) What was the last serious non-fiction book you read?
Read in total – its been a while and it was to do with the history of the census. Browsed or dipped into? A book about the history of manuscripts by Christopher Hamel (might be deHamel)

4) Would you recommend it to others?

Manuscripts book.. yes, good starting point

5) Would you regard yourself as primarily a moral or ethical being?

Isn’t ethics concerning morallity? I have flashbacks to my Ethics course on Kant etc… However Ethical rather than moral – kinda got a link to the good v’s evil thing through the moral option and that gets way too complicated…

6) How do you define the difference between the two?

In my head an ethical being can behave in a decent manner to others without tieng it into something else… I’m not making much sense here

7) Do you know how to perform any classic dance style? (tango, waltz, charleston, etc)

Not anymore, I did for a while.

8) If so, do you have a clear memory associated with that style of dance?

Being 11 and wanted to do ballet and tap

9) Do you have a strong memory associated with the concept of leaving or ending something?

Leaving – yes. Moving on from Southampton and going to Cardiff. I knew no one but what I left nehind was restraining and restrictive. Kinda a butterfly moment in my life.

Ending. Yes. A very upsetting conversation.

10) Do you have a strong memory associated with the concept of starting or beginning something?

Starting? No. I start things all the time (and most often finish them). Beginning? No – life is an endless set of beginnings.

11) Which of 10 or 11 is stronger?


12) Word association games again: word, concept or image that springs to mind upon seeing the word ...Car

Just the word in my head. Weird

13) ...Goat – zoo, fake mountain thingy and long bearded, horned goats.
14) ...Pie – Cherry!
15) ...Government – grey suited, middle aged men
16) ...Consequence – responsibility to the future

17) Do you suffer from post-Imperial guilt? No
18) What is your primary source for news and current affairs? BBC1

19) In a fight between a giant squid and a sperm whale, who'd win? Squid

20) Did you slew your answer to 19 because of who wrote the test?

Nah, just cos I have the classic image of the squid holding on and never letting go. Air breathing and all that puts the whale at a disadvantage. Utter fantasy in my head I’m sure.

21) Given a choice between these (and only these) words, which one would you pick as closest to yourself? pragmatic, idealist, cynical, realist, optimist, doubter


22) Which word would you add to the above list given a choice?

Not for me but I feel pessimist should be there

23) Do you know how to change a tyre?

On a bike yes, car not yet. I have an idea but haven’t done it. Want to know before I get my own car.

24) how about a nappy?

Yes. Brother was born when I was 13

25) how about a motherboard? (dumb question in this company...)

No. Not yet anyway… network cards, video cards, sound cards yes… not brave enough yet.

26) Have you ever conducted major maintenance on a car?


27) Word association again... Ford? Hmmm Escort or Prefect…

28) ...Chilli? peppers
29) ...Sparkle? Thomas the Tank Engine… long story based on younger brother’s obsession with Thomas… “It wsa a beautiful morning on the island of Sodor. Thomas’ blue paint sparkled in the sunlight”. Yeah I know…weird.

30) ...Card? Birthday
31) ...Mask? Blank, white, devoid of expression
32) Are you superstitious? Not really.
33) Why?
34) Where are you now?
At home
35) Where will you be next?
Wherever I want to be


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