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'Manda's policy on Livejournal

I have recently edited it so that no one can post comments anonymously to my journal. If you want to comment as a Live Journal User - go ahead. If necessary I'll start screening those. The backup to this that if anyone does manage to post an obnoxious comment to me anonymously I am now recording their IP addresses.

For those of you who are listed as my friends, 95% of my posts are to you guys only. I have a couple of entries which are to specific peeps but mostly I don't bother with that.

I will point out (mostly to Matt) that you can't read the 'friends only' posts if you're not logged in - although you can see the public ones...

Maybe I'll start posting publicly again - but its unlikely to be anything of import!


Have you had a nasty post? I thought only us could read stuff? Will I still be able to keep in touch? or will I not be able to read the life of manda anymore? :o( Give me the address of any nasty people I'll sort em out, no really I have loads of biult up stress to get rid of! :o)
Love you babes xx
I'm pretty sure livejournal can ban peeps *even* if they don't have a user name. Look in the FAQ. I hope it wasn't too bad. I can't believe anyone would write anything bad on here. I'd say about 60% of my posts are to friends only, and about 50% of those are only to certain friends. I like being able to be selective because I don't want all and sundry knowing *everything* about me.

January 2009

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