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Favourite five Places?

Cardiff, Uffington, County Cork, various decorative parts of Scotland and prolly most of Scnadinavia. Visited a lot more but…

Favourite five Books?

Lord of the Rings, Daggerspell etc, Dark is Rising (Susan Cooper), The Druid’s Tune, Way of Wyrd

Favourite five Graphic Novels / comics?

No idea, read some, they were great. No idea what they were.

Favourite five Films?

Magnificent Seven, Braveheart, Rob Roy, Big Blue, 13th Warrior, Last of the Mohicans

Favourite five Heroes?

Merlin, Gandalf, Nevyn erm yep, I seem to have a thing about mages and then probably something huge and hulking. Not really a hero person in terms of worshipping others. But Boudicca rocked.

Favourite five Villains?

Don’t really have any off the top of my head. Actually - no hang on. I blame the Romans for most things. Yeah, yeah, I know they did a lot fo good but its my fave villain we're discussing.

Favourite five Songs?
‘On the road’ (Survivor), ‘Dream On’ (Aerosmith), ‘Weather with you’ (Crowded House), ‘Exile’, Enya and ‘Down the Road. (Bruce Hornsby & the Range)

Favourite five Albums?

Soundtrack to Braveheart, Passion (Peter Gabriel), The Way it Is (BH&TR), and many more including soundtracks to Last of the Mohicans, the Mission, Thunder’s Back Street Symphony erm more and more…I’ll stop now.

Most annoying record ever written ?

Chicken Song

Favourite time of day?

Late night.

Favourite Season?

Winter – well when it does it properly. If not then Autumn.

C3P0 or R2D2 ?

R2D2 every time! He rocks! :)

Favourite Gerry Anderson show?

Not bothered

Favourite flavour of icecream?

Probably pistachio. If not coffee.

The most amusing place you’ve ever fell asleep:
Am not very amusing, prolly in the middle of a party

What would you cook to impress?

Something mexican or oriental

in the style of (rudeword/animal), what’s your favourite (posterior /musical instrument) combination?

Off top of head? Arse Bugle

What interesting/useful/fairly pointless skill would you like to have?

I’d like to do a lot of things but I have always wanted to be able to climb ropes properly!


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