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2012, me, manda


Ok, what's worth seeing in Edinurgh when you only have a day or two? I've got a meeting up there soon and I plan to make it a friday or monday so I can explore!


I like the castle.
There are some great shops too. I have a guide book somewhere - when you going?
Not sure when - but sometime in the next 3 weeks is likely... I've always wanted to go - just never had an excuse!
I didn't think there was an awful lot to do actually in Edinburgh, but if you get a chance go to Sterling - it's not that far out and I thought Sterling Castle was much better than Edinburgh castle and the Wallace memorial was there and the people seemed to be nicer. Just my tuppence...
Not going to be able to get out and about unfortunately and haven't yet passed driving test but want to go!
My main memories are:
1) Castle (nice rock)
2) Bagpipe museum
3) BIG book shop
The Castle, cos it's pretty, the Royal Mile, as the shops along it are fab, Holyrood House (bottom of Royal Mile,) Arthurs seat, old volcano with pretty views as long as you don't mind climbing up it.... But since it's been around 15 years since I've been there, I couldn't advise much more. But it's a great place to visit.
I believe it is traditional to sample to local culinary delights when visiting a new place.

So deep fried frozen pizza, and mars bars in batter it is then...

Actually the city is good just to stroll around (weather permitting) - nice old buildings and plenty of little shops and tea rooms to keep the interest level up.

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