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23rd Mar, 2007



These are fantastic :D Two flash animation thingies (with sound).

Part 1
Part two

8th Mar, 2007


About Wiki

Someone posted this to a national email list I read...

From: THES Daily news Tuesday 6 March 2007

Wikipedia hit by identity crisis as student admits posing as professor
Wikipedia is facing one of its biggest crises after a twentysomething student from Kentucky posed as a professor of religious studies and made more than 20,000 alterations to controversial topics on the online encyclopedia. Using the pseudonym "Essjay", the bogus professor had become one of Wikipedia's most prolific "editors", trusted to adjudicate on factual disputes and keep the site free from vandalism. He had even featured in an article in the New Yorker, which took his claims to be an expert in canon law at face value. Now he has been unmasked as Ryan Jordan, a 24-year-old who had created an entirely false identity, claiming to be a tenured professor at a private university, but who relied on books such as Catholicism for Dummies when correcting articles on dogma.
The Independent

30th Jan, 2007


Love Bomb Baby - OMG

I knew they came from Wales but just seen a poster for a 'Tygertailz' gig...


Some of the IC things being written are fantastic but can I put out a plea for them and other long posts to be hidden behind cut tags...

11th Jan, 2007


Sorry - I win.

Go back to the eldelphia. You shall not pass.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

9th Jan, 2007



Odd one but I saw this at work and with all the peeps I know thought you might consider it...

Shoebiz Appeal http://www.shoebizappeal.org.uk/index.aspx

31st Dec, 2006



I know I have been all over the place and fairly antisocial this year. There are many peeps down in Brighton right now I would love to see but I was simply too tired and stressed.

2006 has been a fucking horrible year. 2007 is NOT going to be as bad.

Thank you to all the people that have been there for me over the last 14 months. I hope you and yours have a fantastic 2007.

Happy New Year All - when it comes.

7th Dec, 2006



Damn, no access to ANY form of messenger on here :D

28th Oct, 2006

solar fish

Stolen from Denz

Post your name up, and I'll think of a song I associate with you

27th Oct, 2006


Phones - Help!

My current handset has developed a fault and I'm at the point in my contract where I can upgrade. I have a very cheap deal, having been a onetel customer forever and I am not overly bothered by gimmicks, preferring instead a reliable handset.

Because I am a cheapskate my two options for handsets (without paying more than a trifle) are the Nokia 6021 and 6111 (Black- apparantly that's important).

Have you or anyone you know used these and had any obvious problems with them? I'm utterly unbothered by cameras. Both are triband and have bluetooth which is all I'm bothered about...

One day I will buy a flash organiser phone but I don't need it and in periods of employment uncertainty I want to keep up my CHEAP deal.

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